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Subversion simple Howto

Subversion server

Create a repository directory on the server.

mkdir /data/develop/somename
svnadmin create /data/develop/somename

Make a first dummy import

svn import /tmp/somename file:///data/develop/somename -m "Initial import"

The directory /tmp/somename we created before.
set access controls under "/data/develop/somename/conf"
use the file "svnserve.conf"

add to "/etc/services"

svn           3690/tcp   # Subversion
svn           3690/udp   # Subversion

add to "/etc/inetd.conf"

svn stream tcp nowait root /[PATH]/svnserve svnserve -i

kill -HUP [inetd PID]

Subversion client side

svn checkout --username [username] svn://[hostname]/data/develop/somename

More you can find here [SVN Book]