The Omega system has already been used in various small projects. The development of the library and framework itself is a challenging project during which both the language and the programming environment have already proved themselves useful. Static typing, exception handling, garbage collection and the availability of tools contributed much to the surprisingly low number of programming errors made. Incremental compilation and direct manipulation of objects lead us to an experimental and extremely productive programming style.

The Omega project started as a one-man project. After two years, the author was joined by another programmer. At that time, no description of the system (not even a complete language definition) was available. Despite the lack of documentation, it turned out that both the language and the usage of the system were easy to learn. However, it took much longer to get used to a prototype-oriented programming style.

Although the Omega system can already be used for practical projects, there is still much work left to be done. At the time being, the work on the Omega library has not yet been completed (it probably never will, as new demands arise constantly). In particular, we plan to include support for machine-independent user interfaces, concurrency, distributed systems, and visual programming. Other tasks include the reimplementation of the Omega system in Omega, porting the system to other machines, and optimization of the code generated by the compiler. In short, the Omega project will surely keep us busy for the next couple of years.

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