The Omega Prototype Library

Most of Omega's power does not come from the language proper, but rather from the library. Currently, the library contains about 160 prototypes and 2300 methods with a total of 9500 lines of code. The most important parts of the library are:

Despite the small size of the library, it already constitutes a rather solid basis for the development of Omega programs. Of the 2300 methods, about 50 are implemented as primitive methods. They are either known to and implemented by the compiler or implemented in another programming language (in particular, Pascal and assembly language).

As is often the case with languages that are tightly bound to their development environments, learning the language is much easier than learning how to use the library. The browsing capabilities of the Omega programming environment are very helpful in this respect. It is, however, necessary to first understand the concepts of the library (as documented in [Blaschek 1994]) and to get used to a prototype-oriented programming style.

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