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Bachelor and Master Theses
Subliminal Display Overlay Driver [VERSTECKT]
Bakk-/Masterarbeit vom 13. December 2013; offen

Problem definition, Approach:

  • (Visual) information overload is a topic of increasing importance. In this thesis, the influence of subliminal information transmission should be investigated
  • Information, if displayed/flashed for only very short time (< 20ms; =subliminal) cannot be „seen" by the eye, but is recognized by (part of) the brain
  • To study this effect, a interface is required allowing for overlaying different types of information to normal screen contents (Webbrowser, Email-client, Word/Excel), and for measuring differences n their use with/without subliminal information

Expected outcome:

  • A tool acting as kind of plugin allowing to define content (text, basic structures, photos), overlay it to normal screen content, and record differences in person behavior (keystrokes, reading behavior in online newspapers, questionnaire about content they can remember...)
  • Addressed display types: Computer screen, large (e.g. 46") display, iPad, etc.


  • Interest in software/prototype development (Java, C/C++/C#)
    • excellent programming skills in OpenGL (shader programming, multitextures) required
  • Good command of English (understanding of related work; Thesis is preferred written in English)
  • Typesetting using LaTeX (--> Miktex, TeXnicCenter) + BibTeX (-->Jabref)

Time schedule:

  • Start: flexible, as of now
  • Estimated completion date: within 12 months

Further information:


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