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Bachelor and Master Theses
Steering behavior/accuracy control via subliminal information transfer [VERSTECKT]
Bakk-/Masterarbeit vom 10. October 2011; vergeben

Problem definition, Approach:

  • (Visual) information overload is a topic of increasing importance. In this thesis, the influence of subliminal information transmission should be investigated
  • Information, if displayed/flashed for only very short time (< 20ms; =subliminal) cannot be „seen" by the eye, but is recognized by (part of) the brain
  • Two types/cases of interest
    • vehicle steering//driving scenario using a lane change test (LCT); "content injection" in a dynamic scenario
    • advertising scenario on a large display wall (static setting)
  • Experimental setting (user study; dynamic case)
    • visual display (screen, display wall, or projector) with dynamic content (driving simulator)
    • subliminal or supraliminal information is overlayed (different time durations)
    • tracking of eye/head position/movement (--> Webcam+SHORE Engine, XUUX Eyebox)
    • measuring of driving performance (--> lane change task LCT)
    • etc. (details of static setting on request)
    • evaluation and interpretation of results, identify potential of subliminal messages

Expected outcome:

  • Static case: a changed viewing direction on underlying subliminal priming can be determined; „steer" the head
  • Dynamic case (LCT): improved track guiding on precocious information (early guidance on when/where to change lane)


  • Interest in software/prototype development (Java, C/C++/C#)
    • excellent programming skills in OpenGL (shader programming, multitextures) required
  • Good command of English (understanding of related work; Thesis is preferred written in English)
  • Typesetting using LaTeX (--> Miktex, TeXnicCenter) + BibTeX (-->Jabref)

Time schedule:

  • Start: flexible, as of now
  • Estimated completion date: within 12 months

Further information:


[DelCul2007] Del Cul A, Baillet S, Dehaene S, 2007 Brain Dynamics Underlying the Nonlinear Threshold for Access to Consciousness. PLoS Biol 5(10): e260. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0050260.
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[Dobson2009] Handbook of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies, Third Edition (Hardcover), Keith S. Dobson PhD (Editor), The Guilford Press; Third edition (November 12, 2009), 481 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1606234372.

Keywords: Subliminal information, unconscious, visual channel, steering behavior, accuracy