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Bachelor and Master Theses
Scent/Flavor Stimulation while Driving [VERSTECKT]
Bakk-/Masterarbeit vom 13. December 2013; offen

Problem definition, Approach:

  • Driving a car is dynamic adaptation task; "driving performance" is massively influenced by a driver's emotional state
  • Shift in (emotional) driver state is achievable by fragrance based stimulation, e.g.
    • scent of lavender = relaxing
    • peppermint = stimulation, arousing, "active"
  • Experimental setting (user study)
    • measure the influence of different scents on driving performance (reaction time, optimum trace) or physiologic conditions (study ECG/HRV/autochronic image)
    • application of Daimler lane change task (LCT), steering wheel/pedals; shaded virtual cabin
    • dispense scents in the shaded cabin, record driving trajectories
    • evaluate, interpret potential/influence of fragrances

Expected outcome:

  • Different driving behavior on peppermint as compared to lavender dispersion
  • Influence of scent on tracking, e.g. cut corners on peppermint or fewer brakings on lavender


  • Interest in software/prototype development (Java, C/C++/C#)
  • User Study: Setup and carry out experiments
  • Good command of English (understanding of related work; Thesis is preferred written in English)
  • Typesetting using LaTeX (--> Miktex, TeXnicCenter) + BibTeX (-->Jabref)

Time schedule:

  • Start: flexible, as of now
  • Estimated completion date: within 12 months

Further information:


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