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29. Jan 2018
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Courses 2008SS
 Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen 1 (VO, UE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
VO340.200Blaschek 2course over
UE G1340.202Holzmann 1course over
UE G2340.203Holzmann 1course over
UE G3340.207Scheidl 1course over
 Dissertantenseminar 2 (SE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
SE340.046Blaschek, Ferscha 3by arrangement
 Embedded and Pervasive Systems (VO, UE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
VO340.018Ferscha 2course over
UE G1340.019Riener 1course over
UE G2340.020Riener 1course over
UE G3340.022Riener 1course over
 Masterarbeitsseminar 2 (SE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
SE340.217Ferscha, Blaschek 3course over
 Praktikum aus Pervasive Computing (5-stündig) (PR)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
PR340.045Ferscha 2by arrangement
 Praktische Informatik I (VO, UE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
VO340.209Blaschek 2course over
UE G1340.210Holzmann 1course over
UE G2340.211Holzmann 1course over
UE G3340.213Scheidl 1course over
 Projektpraktikum (PR)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
PR340.044Ferscha, Blaschek 2by arrangement
 Seminar aus Software Engineering / Mensch-Maschine-Kommunikation (SE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
SE340.028Blaschek 2course over
 Seminar Pervasive Computing: Vibrotactile Interfaces for Drivers (SE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
SE340.003Ferscha, Riener 2course over
 Software Development I (Biological Chemistry) (VO, UE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
VO340.033Blaschek 2course over
UE G1340.040Feigl 2course over


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