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29. Jan 2018
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Courses 2014SS
 Algorithms and Data Structures 1 (VO, UE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
VO339.110Blaschek 2course over
UE G1340.202Hoelzl 1course over
UE G2340.203Hoelzl 1course over
UE G3340.207Arzt 1course over
UE G4340.208Brandstätter 1course over
 Dissertantenseminar Informatik 2 (SE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
SE340.009Ferscha, Riener 3course over
 Embedded and Pervasive Systems (VO, UE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
VO340.018Ferscha 2course over
UE G1340.019Riener 1course over
UE G3340.022Hoelzl 1course over
 Master's Thesis Seminar SS (SE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
SE340.021Ferscha, Riener 3course over
 Algorithms (VO, UE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
VO339.630Blaschek 2course over
UE G1340.210Korzeniowski 1course over
UE G2340.211Brandstätter 1course over
UE G3340.213Hoelzl 1course over
 Principles of Interaction (VO, UE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
VO340.300Riener, Kranz 2course over
UE G1340.301Riener, Lindemann 1course over
 Project in Pervasive Computing 5h (PR)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
PR340.027Ferscha, Riener 5course over
 Project Practical 5h (PR)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
PR340.044Riener, Ferscha course over
 Seminar in Pervasive Computing: Socially Inspired Architectures (SE)
 CourseIdLecturerHrs.Next Date
SE340.028Ferscha 2course over


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