Attention Please! – JKU-Projekt analysiert Aufmerksamkeit im OP-Saal

Together with international partners, the JKU Institute for Pervasive Computing (project coordinator: Univ. Prof. Dr. Alois Ferscha) and the Kepler Universitätsklinikum are involved in the research project "MinIAttention" aimed at addressing fundamental problems of a surgeon’s cognitive ability to work under pressure, mainly a person’s attention level in the context of performing minimally invasive surgical procedures. The project aims to develop pressure and attention sensitive design principles for future medical technology in minimally invasive ORs. In the future, surgeons performing endoscopic surgical procedures will have attention-led assistance.

MinIAttention focuses on established theories and the development of formal models pertaining to individual attention based of cognitively established psychological attention theories (capacity theory, multiple resource theory, feature integration theory) and their respective attention models (Kahneman, Broadbent, Wickens). Based on eye-tracking sensors, body posture, and motion sensors, the targeted attention models will be validated with reference implementations from machine learning systems and integrated in the surgeon’s scrubs.

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