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360Light - Device free panoramic video experience sharing via networked public displays

High resolution, internet enabled, interactive display systems have become broadly deployed in public places, mostly for location specific announcement and commercial advertisement purposes - often referred to as SmartLight displays. 360Light attempts at combining cutting edge research in self-aware, adaptive and intelligent display systems, with high resolution 360° video capturing and streaming, and device free interaction principles and modalities.

With a full integration of 360°, multi perspective, high resolution, high framerate video playback into standard settings of public display systems, 360Light will raise current SmartLight technology to radically new levels of sensual user experience.

360Light will

  • create of a new level of immersive panorama user experience via the fusion of state-of-the-art research in smart, environment-sensitive, interactive public display systems, with high resolution 360° video content and device free interaction principles and modalities, 
  • experimentally identify, validate and implement intuitive, privacy inoffensive and device-free interaction modalities derived from natural user behavior using gestures, body posture or behavior, evidenced with analysis in lab and field experiments,
  • implement a multiscreen system suitable for a setup in public spaces and capable of creating a strong feeling of presence for the audience, and
  • lay ground to a very novel way of sharing of unique, way beyond everyday-life, extreme experiences (e.g. www.redbullstratos.com) in an intuitive, barrier-free, stimulating, stunning and joyful perception of visual and auditory signals at highest quality in spontaneous, publicly provided settings.
360Light is a joint effort of well experienced,internationally renowned partners in display research (Institute for Pervasive Computing, JKULinz), embedded systems engineering (Research Studio for Pervasive Computing Applications,RSAFG Salzburg), and the worlds leading Stakeholder in extreme Media Production (Red BullMedia House, Wals).