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Pervasive Adaptation Network for the Organisation of the Research Agenda and the Management of Activities

FP7 ICT Call-2, FET proactive / Goal 8.3: Pervasive Adaptation

Goals: The goal of PANORAMA is to bring together the wide range of researchers in the Pervasive Adaptation field to build a new community of researchers in the Pervasive Adaptation field who can work together on common goals, so ensuring that the research carried out by members of that community is integrated, coordinated and informed.

In pursuing this goal the main objectives are:

  1. to construct and maintain the research agenda (roadmap),
  2. to disseminate ideas internally ? bringing research areas closer together.
  3. to ensure a close cooperation between research institutions and industry and commerce.
  4. to coordinate research activities both within the European Commission and between the European Commission and national and other international research programmes.
  5. to disseminate the work of the European Commission within Pervasive Adaptation to the general public using appropriate language and mechanisms.

Research Agenda Book: Online, Order printed copy ...

Partners: Napier University, Groupe Des Ecoles Des Telecommunications, University of Linz, Universita' di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza"

Status: started February 1st, 2008

Homepage: http://www.perada.eu/