Visualisierung der Inhalte von Videos mit Hilfe von Video-Indexing
(Masters Thesis), Abteilung für Telekooperation, January 1998.
Abstract: The rapidly growing amounts of data that is available to the individual user makes the process of reviewing these sources of information extremely time-consuming. This problem is evident in the case of digital video, where classical textual search principles cannot be applied. Therefore new forms of representing video data have to be developed to offer an effective way of browsing its contents. This paper describes a system to visualize the contents of digital videos. Video indexing techniques are used to rank the frames of a video and generate a hierarchical representation. The extracted key frames are displayed in a new kind of user interface that incorporates a three-dimensional arrangement of the frames to maintain the temporal as well as the spatial order of the visualized data. The system has been implemented using Java in conjunction with a VRML-plugin which is used to visualize the data in a 3D scene. The system consists of an editor to generate and manipulate those hierarchies, and a viewer for use in HTML-pages on the Web.