A. Riener, I. Alvarez, M. Jeon, W. Ju, B. Pfleging, M. Chiesa, L. Chuang
Workshop on "Practical Experiences in Measuring and Modeling Drivers and Driver-Vehicle Interactions" (Proceedings)
7th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (AutomotiveUI'15), September 1-3, Nottingham, UK, September 2015.
Abstract: The goal of the workshop is to bring together both young and experienced researchers in the field of automotive UI research and discuss settings, experiences, best practices, etc. for conducting lab or field experiments. This includes discussions (of more experienced participants) about how to improve user studies (setting), what types of sensors and recording platforms are suitable for which studies, feasibility of results (e.g., transfer of lab results to real scenarios), which should help "new" researchers (first year PhD or before) that are just starting with auto UI research to learn from the experience and mistakes of others. Submissions can span the range from small-scale studies to large-scale deployments, from the lab to the field, with small or large number of participants. We are interested in understanding the various protocols and contexts used in different automotive UI studies. Overall, the workshop is about 1) Discussing topics related to measuring and modeling of driver, driving or explicit interactions (using NUIs), 2) Networking and exchanging ideas and learning from each other (different fields, projects, etc.), and 3) Demonstrating best practices and discussing optimal settings for driver-vehicle interaction research.