M. Murauer, F. Jungwirth, B. Anzengruber, A. Abbas, A. Ahmad, J. Cho, H. Ennsbrunner, A. Ferscha, D. Gerhard, B. Gollan, M. Haslgrübler*, J. Selymes, G. Sopidis, M. Stütz, P. Weißenbach
A Task-Independent Design and Development Process for Cognitive Products in Industrial Applications
Proceedings of the 12th PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments Conference, 10 pages, DOI: 10.1145/3316782.3322748, June 2019.
Abstract: This paper motivates the employment of a cognitive headgear in the context of two concrete human-in-the-loop industrial use cases. However, the distinct design and implementation of such a head- gear is strongly task-dependent and no one-fits-all solution exists. To overcome that, a computer-aided design process is proposed that allows the design of a device truly tailored to the individ- ual needs. Further, the features and components required to sup- port workers in the identified scenarios are depicted, including image-based worker localization, gaze-based skill-level detection, workflow recognition using head-worn sensors and multimodal assistance. Finally, early functional prototypes are illustrated.