one TED

Pervasive Computing is a research area dealing with embedded systems, real-time and distributed computing. A major topic is the diffusion of digital elements into a real-world environment, enriching it with 'smart' artifacts that provide new, more natural interaction paradigms.


Enhancing commonplace appliances with computing power and the ability to transmit data over wireless links creates a perspective, where interaction with all things over global networks becomes a reality.


Using the first truely ubiquitous wireless network, we built a public voting system,

one TED, that uses GSM short messages as a transport for opinion and identifies users by their phone number, for a "one phone - one vote" scheme to prevent forged results.

OÖ. Tagung des CLV, 9.5.2001

one TED in a dual-display scenario


University of Linz
Institut f. Praktische Informatik
Univ. Prof. Dr. Alois Ferscha
Altenbergerstr. 69
A-4040 Linz