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Pervasive Computing is a research area dealing with embedded systems, real-time and distributed computing. A major topic is the diffusion of digital elements into a real-world environment, enriching it with 'smart' artifacts that provide new, more natural interaction paradigms.


Enhancing daily-use appliances with computing power and the ability to transmit data over wireless links creates a perspective, where interaction with all things over global networks becomes a reality.

Employing contactless identification technology opens a wide spectrum of applications where implicit interaction of real-world objects with digital interfaces takes place.


Running over the finish line triggers a real-time notification system to transmit information to interested parties in a matter of seconds.



Transponder functionality

Glass transponder (32mm length)
and schematic view

1) Base Antenna emits carrier signal &
and loads capacitor

2) Base antenna switches to receive mode,
level detector triggers

3) Code transmitter sends data


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DerStandard 11.5.2000

Die Presse 11.6.2001


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