Embedded and Pervasive Systems

Course Embedded and Pervasive Systems
Type VO, UE
Lecturer Ferscha (VO)
Schobesberger (UE G1, UE G2, UE G3, UE G4)
Course-Id 340.400 (VO)
340.410 (UE G1)
340.411 (UE G2)
340.412 (UE G3)
340.413 (UE G4)
Hours/week 2 (VO)
1 (UE G1, UE G2, UE G3, UE G4)
Target audience Students of Computer Science in the 6th term
Objectives Students learn general classifications, characteristics and applications of embedded systems. They know different sensors, actuators, possibilities of localization and positioning as well as methods of digital communication. Furthermore, students are able to analyze nonfunctional system characteristics and realtime systems and implement schedulers and concurrent models.

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Identification/Biosignals/Environmental Sensors
  • Localization/Positioning/Motion
  • Smart Phones/Communication/Actuators
  • Nonfunctional System Characteristics
  • Time/Time Models/Clock Synchronisation
  • Scheduling
  • Realtime
  • Concurrent Models of Execution
  • Energy Efficient Design

Criteria for evaluation VL: Exam at the end of term

UE: Assessment of project and assignments.

Study material All material will be available in the course section in moodle. Additional literature will be announced in the course.